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    We have a mental health & education nonprofit corporation 2GetHelp Wellness Center, doing therapy, support groups and emotional intelligence research & training. We specialize in anger, depression, and PTSD. We created the Center in Fresno, CA, with an awesome therapist (and looking for more), 3 books in print, 4 web sites, and more. We'll keep you informed, as we believe we're really on to something here. I'm excited to tell you that, without a doubt: "Improving your Emotional Intelligence can SIGNIFICANTLY impact your happiness & success in life!"

  • We can personally show you how to take control of your life! In our amazingly powerful weekend Emotional Intelligence workshop, we teach many simple, effective, practical techniques and attitudes that really WORK to improve our daily lives! Read on...
    Are you as happy as you want to be? Are you as successful as you want to be? Does your life look, and more importantly, feel, as GREAT as you want it to? If not, these are all due to low Emotional Intelligence. Learn more -> Deal with your Feelings & Emotions -> be Happier (MUCH Happier!!)

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    Discover how to have your feelings work FOR you, not Against you.
  • 100 EQ Lessons in 100 Days!
    Find out more, for free. A set of short, hard-hitting EQ tips & lessons from 20 years of teaching the weekend intensive New Directions workshop (ND). Improve your emotional intelligence. Find out how feelings are created, how to manage & control them and learn to enjoy and cherish them (even the yucky ones!)

    7 Steps to Healing your Feelings.
    A white paper I wrote on simple yet powerful steps to identify, express & release negative feelings.

  • 100 EQ Quotes in 100 Days
    I love profound Quotes, don't you? Get a short, hard-hitting, original Quote each day to help you discover and explore the depths of your emotional intelligence. Some are from me, some from Doc, the rest are from movies, books and famous people. Try 'em.
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