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I'm on a personal mission to teach the world the wonder and joy of having high Emotional Intelligence. IQ + EQ = Happiness and Success in Life!


I was a clueless, naive, shame-based, immature, caring-mostly-about-myself jerk.

I'm not anymore.

I had to Get a Clue. And I'm here to share my journey with you.
(Congrats, if you already have a clue, as so few do!).

imho, many young people today (and many middle-aged, and even a lot of older folks) have no idea how to handle their Feelings and Emotions. Especially when it comes to their Relationships.

We learned how to do relationships from our Parents and any adult(s) that lived with us as kids. Did your Mom and Dad show you or tell you how to have a healthy, loving, satisfying relationship? mine didn't. I had to figure it out myself.

In order to make my relationships work, I needed to figure out how I was helping/destroying them, and where it wasn't working, I had to change.

I had to deal with my issues. my anger, my abandonment, my shame-based upbringing.
and I had to get a CLUE about EQ!

I had to stop hurting people.
I had to stop screwing up.
I had to stop being a co-dependant wimp.
I had to stop wandering around in my life, dazed and confused.

I had to find a better way to live.
and I did.

I am here to report to you that I found out how to change it. All of it (well, Most of it, anyways).

it's all about:
Taking Control of our Feelings and Emotions.

It sounds too simple, or mushy, or trite but I can tell you, it works! We've had the best laboratory, as we've been teaching an intensive weekend workshop called New Directions for over 20 years now. We've been teaching the same basic class, the same basic material, to over 2,000 people.

Why the same for so long? because it works. There are no secrets. No smoke and mirrors. no bait and switch. We've just found some basic truths about relationships and about life that really work.

here’s the basic premise to the whole thing:
"Feelings expressed fully will reduce in intensity and are free to change."
- Doc Downing, PhD, LMFT

In other words, "Feelings are a Good thing, not a Bad thing."

or put even more simply, "Love really is the answer."

with this simple change in attitude, good things are happening...

people are Healing from their painful, dysfunctional childhoods.

people are learning a new way to live that works, for them, for their relationships, for their family, their friends and everyone around them.

people are Happier.
people are more Successful.
people are more Fulfilled.

life-long Depressions are down, or gone

post-War stress (PTSD) is being healed, permanently

Marriages and parental relationships have been saved, and Blossomed.

Self-Esteem, personal Power, Love, Courage and Joy are all up, Up, UP!!

People who are following these teachings are living Happier, Healthier, Safer, more Loving Lives. lots of people. over lots of years.

… and the tools are totally, 100%, free of charge, 24/7, every single moment of your life
it's natural, it's healthy,
it's passion and it's freedom,
it's yours and it's you.

please read on and learn how to deal with your Feelings & Emotions. for real. This is probably a skill that you DO NOT have, and one that you REALLY NEED to have.

We de-mystify how your feelings work, what makes you tick, how and why therapy, coaching and workshops work so well, how to create courage and personal power inside yourself, how to effectively deal with your anger and guilt and pain, how to build pride and self-esteem, and so on… things you can use. things you can take with you. things that work.

Good luck and Keep Feeling!

with much Love (just 'cause it feels so good!),
- Matt


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